All New "Popeye" Pipe 2.0 - Uniquely Designed Cleanable Brass Pipe from Hawai'i

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Popeye Pipe is chambered with removable bottom for cleaning. Comes in a hardshell pocket case.
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Popeye Pipe 2.0 - Now Precision CNC Machined, 3 oz. of Solid Brass

Popeye Pipe evolved from our popular Brass Cob Pipe. We tried to call it with other names but everyone who first saw it would say, "hey that's Popeye's pipe!" Made with finest craftsmanship and features an elegant appearance,  Popeye Pipe makes a nice addition to your pipe collections. The top and bottom of the pipe can both be unscrewed and removed for easy cleaning. No screen needed. Large chamber cools smoke and traps tar and debris. Comes with drawstring canvas pouch.

Made in Hawai'i, USA.

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