"Super Bullet" Long Stash Tube/Joint Holder machined from 2.6" long rifer case

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Long Stash Tube/Joint Holder machined from long rifer bullet case, 2.6" long.
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"Super Bullet" All Brass Stash Tube

All brass stash tube with unique locking mechanism

The coolest brass stash tube ever! A genuine new brass rifle case is machined to cleverly lock onto the head cap as the stash tube.  Works perfectly with Punchbowl pipes. It can be attached to the lid of the EVA pipe case. It'll hold a regular joint. Primer hole is sealed with bee's wax.

Own one and you'll understand. 

Machined and assembled in Oahu, Hawai'i, USA.

Shaka pipe and the case shown in the picture are not included but can be purchased on our website.

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