"Rocket" Pipe - Uniquely Designed Straight Pipe with Poker Tool, Chambered Body for Cooler Smoke

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Uniquely designed all brass "Rocket" Pipe. Chambered and totally cleanable with screw-in poker.
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Rocket Pipe 

Rocket brass pipe is a very uniquely designed chambered straight shooter pipe. Like all Punchbowl Pipes, it's unbreakable and cleanable. Made with solid brass and finest craftsmanship,  the Rocket Pipe makes a nice addition to your pipe collections. The top and bottom of the pipe can be unscrewed for easy cleaning. Nozzle poker comes in handy for bowl cleaning. No screen needed. Large chamber cools smoke and traps tar and debris. 

Comes with a drawstring canvas pouch, so you can just grab-n-go! (Lighter not included)

Hold one and you'll understand. 

Designed in Hawai'i. Made in USA.

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